Monitor your events with illio, a revolutionary event marketing platform.

What is illio?

illio is an event registration and management tool developed by JP Enterprises Unlimited Inc. We created illio to better accommodate our clients’ needs for accurate and detailed views of all their live and online events. Using illio, clients can request new projects, monitor completion of initial marketing materials, view current online registrants and email broadcast statistics, and run data exports at any point in the projects lifespan. illio also has many user-focused features that allow project creators to control permissions within their own companies or internal groups.

Key Features

  • One portal to create, view, organize and track live and online events
  • Templated entry screens are easy to navigate and contain all possible event options
  • Convenient dashboard view of overall project statuses
  • Project listing
  • Calendar view
  • Mobile friendly

Key Benefits for Event Organizers

  • See all scheduled events at a glance
  • Eliminates “order by email”
  • Real-time data for registration and event day sign-in
  • Organizer team members have seamless view of event status
  • Comprehensive templates minimize risk of overlooking details

Other Features

  • Create email-only, registration-only or complete event funnel (invitation, registration and confirmation)
  • Create one-time or multiple events

Four easy steps to use illio

illio is an intuitive, user-friendly platform designed to quickly get your events to market.

1. Add your event details

Use the easy step-by-step entry form to help you organize your event

2. Review and Approve

Follow the built-in process to review and approve your event details

3. Launch your event!

Market your event by deploying emails, sharing on social media, or posting on blogs

4. Measure your success

Analyze responses and broadcasts with real-time data

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